Center for Effective Government

The Center conducts policy research; develops and advocates for policy reforms; creates tools to encourage citizen participation and government accountability; and builds broad-based coalitions to advance these values.

Congressional Data Coalition

A coalition of citizens, public interest groups, trade associations and business that serves to  broadly disseminate congressional data information to the general public.

Data Transparency Coalition

A coalition that advocates legislative and regulatory mandates for data ; educates government leader on the benefits of data transparency; Convenes stakeholders to build technology solutions that will drive the data transparency transformation.

Demand Progress

A national grassroots group with more than two million affiliated activists who use a variety of campaigns to fight for basic rights, internet freedom, open government, and money-in-politics and financial reform.

Government Accountability Project

The nation’s leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization that litigates whistleblower cases, helps expose wrongdoing to the public, and actively promotes government and corporate accountability.

The newly redesigned house of Representatives includes a new 'Public Disclosure' section on: Financial Disclosure ReportsForeign Travel ReportsGifts and Travel FilingsLegal Expense Fund Disclosures, and Statement of Disbursements.

House Live

Watch live streaming video of the House floor, as well as search for video and transcripts of previous sessions, inaugurations and addresses to joint sessions of Congress.

A transparency organization that focuses on preserving records, reducing secrecy, and surveillance transparency.

Project on Government Oversight

An organization that strives for government transparency and accountability that works with whistleblowers and accessing information through FOIA to expose problems.

Sunshine Initiative

An organization determined to make reporting on transparency easier by helping news outlets use FOIA and other laws to get true and informational stories.